Clay Shirky v. Evgeny Morozov on the power of social media

The January/February print issue of Foreign Affairs posts as a headline “The political power of social media”, an article written by Clay Shirky, the media guru whose columns and papers have frequently appeared in the past decade in the editorial sphere.

Clay Shirky is a consultant, writer and teacher at the New York University, specialist of the Internet technologies and their social and economic effects on societies. He published in 2008 Here comes everybody: the power of organizing without organizations about the steady rise of social networks and their empowering effect on groups and individuals.

Shirky is a leading thinker in the current controversy over the role of social media in authoritarian regimes, his first opponent being Evgeny Morozov, a belarusian fellow at Georgetown University and the Open Society Institute, and also a contributing editor and blogger  for the Foreign Policy magazine.

His book The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom released in 2011 critics the “internet freedom” and its alleged civic and democratic spin-offs.

See the controversy between Clay Shirky and Evgeny Morozov on Prospect Magazine:

Morozov, “How dictators watch us on the web” and Shirky’s response, “The net advantage” ; Morozov about Iranian activism, “Why the internet is failing Iran’s activists” and Shirky “The Twitter Revolution is more than just a slogan“.

See also an article by Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker, “Small Change“, and Shirky’s recent response in Foreign Affairs, “From innovation to Revolution“.

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