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How to write a resume summary

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If you decide to write a term paper independently and do not know where to start, do not despair, we will definitely help you. We will understand in order that this is necessary. The first is to make a plan for writing a term paper. Design the text in accordance with the presented methodological recommendations and state standards. In the introduction to the term paper reveals the relevance of the work itself, the object and subject of its research. Introduction, as a rule, the minimum part of the volume and is 10% of the total text of the course work.

The main part is divided inside into two parts: theoretical and practical parts. Or in three chapters, if in your term paper there is no practical part. The headings used in the course work “Introduction”, “Main Part”, “Conclusion” are written in the center with boldface. It is important to pay attention not only to the writing, but also to the design of the course work, namely, what is not allowed in the design of the course work: The correct design of the bibliographic list is separately evaluated by the teacher. A wrong design of the list of references can significantly reduce the score when defending a term paper. References should not only be properly compiled, but also used when writing a term paper, that is, in the text of the term paper itself there should be appropriate references to the literature with its serial number in the bibliographic list.

The general rules for the design of a bibliographic list are considered to be: Compliance with the alphabetical order for all sources of the list of references. All authors that are listed in the bibliographic list must be entered in the bibliographic list. First, the last name of the author of the book is written, and then initials. Remember that when writing a term paper it is very important to make a work plan that you follow, do not get confused and easily write a term paper perfectly. Write a term paper is easy enough. Believe me, if you devote an hour to a maximum of one and a half a day to write a term paper, in a month you will have excellent work in front of your eyes. Any course work as a scientific study is written based on state standards approved by the government of the Russian Federation (GOST 7.32-2001 “Report on research activities”). The total amount of coursework should not exceed 300 pages, the minimum volume is 20. The font used when writing a term paper is TimesNewRoman, 14, bold, one and a half space. The top and bottom margins are 20 mm., On the right, 10 mm., On the left, 30 mm. Coursework is carried out strictly on white paper, A4 (210×297 mm).

The text of the course work is printed only on one side of the sheet, all sheets are numbered. The numbering is in Arabic numerals. The numbering starts from the title page, but the number itself is not placed on the title page. The first page of the course work is a title page, which is issued according to the methodological recommendations of your educational institution. Independently invent a title page is absolutely not worth it. All applications and illustrations in the term paper affix appropriate links. Links are marked at the end of the diploma, which are also numbered in Arabic numerals or letters of the Russian Latin alphabet. If your work is more than the established minimum of applications, then all of them are drawn up in a separate chapter in a separate folder and are not linked with the general text of the course work. Thus, writing a term paper is not a very difficult task. In addition, writing a term paper is useful to you in the future, as it helps to learn how to systematize a large amount of material, analyze it and determine the most basic. All this is useful for your future work.