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What skis to put on a resume

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When I was preparing the documents necessary for submitting a thesis for the defense, I noticed one strange feature. Anyone who has recently participated in this paper marathon, little remembers about it it is useless to ask such a person how this or that paper is made and what kind of stamp is placed. You can expand the discussion about the psychological causes of this phenomenon, but this will change little. The only person who is guided in all these papers is the secretary of the dissertation council. But he received similar documents from applicants and graduate students many times. Therefore, many things that are not obvious to you for him are taken for granted, and it simply does not occur to him that you can not guess about such simple (for him) things, and you need to explain them. Therefore, having defended my thesis, I wrote down my paper adventures on fresh tracks and I hope that this description will help us to pass the “paper marathon” along the best path. How to issue a thesis and abstract first you write a thesis.

The rules for its design are described in GOST 2.105-95. Frankly, I did not read this GOST before I submitted my dissertation and found out about its existence a year after the defense. How should look the title page of the thesis and the cover of the abstract, you can look further in this book or in Appendices 6 and 8 to the Regulations on the dissertation council. This is the title page of the dissertation. It turns out 7-8 copies, if you have one supervisor, and 9 if you have two of them. But with the current level of multiplying technology and its availability it is not difficult. Think of those madmen who defended their dissertations 15 years ago and earlier, when it was possible to type only on a typewriter, and it was simply impossible to take something, even for money. Keep in mind also that if your organization is able to provide you with the opportunity to multiply your thesis or print the abstract for free, you need to have an adequate amount of time. Usually, free use of something requires a certain amount of bureaucratic procedures for example, signing papers confirming your right to free money and bosses can not always be caught on the spot.

And finally, the council took your dissertation to defend. Find out what day your defense may be appointed: sometimes there may be a queue of people who want to defend themselves, or the council will not sit for some time, for example because of a vacation. You must have the required number of copies of the abstract, signed by the secretary of the council. You must have a printed mailing list (not the sample given by the secretary of the council, but yours with your name and the name of your dissertation), signed by the secretary. With this list and the abstracts enclosed in envelopes with addresses written on them, you will go to the forwarding department of your organization. They will stamp the mailing list and they will either send everything out or they will stamp it, and you will send it yourself for your money. I explain in such detail for the following reason.

Even if you are told that the expedition does not send out abstracts due to lack of money, go to the list to go on stamping. I had problems with an ordinary city mail (they demanded some more list and wanted crazy money for each envelope). You must have a copy of the thesis that you assign to the library as soon as you publish the abstract (remember the phrase on the back cover: “You can find the dissertation in the library Together with the thesis to the library should be attributed, and the author’s abstract. 4. Seven copies of the abstract, sealed by the faculty (or institute), you give to the secretary of the council. The number of copies may be different, and this item is usually provided on the mailing list.